Growth, hypergrowth, global scaling – talking to Diane Janknegt (Founder) and Parvinder Bhatia (COO) of Wizenoze is always a burst of ambition.

In the summer of 2020 we (Irene and Marja) first met Diane at the Wizenoze Amsterdam office, to pitch our people consultancy work to her. Now, after finalizing our project, we drink a virtual coffee and talk to her and Parvinder to look back and tap into their energy.


Let us introduce Wizenoze

In 2013 Diane Janknegt and Theo Huibers founded the education-tech company. The AI-powered startup filters out the noise and curate a new internet, full of relevant and safe educational content – to make information on internet easier to find and understand.

In 2020- full in COVID-19- Wizenoze raised significant growth money and Diane joined the first batch of the Techleap Rise-program. This catapulted Wizenoze from startup to scale-up, working simultaneously on improving technology and realizing their international growth plans.

Diane realized she had to pay attention to the people side of the growing company. “The first years we did things the way we thought were right, but that didn’t work anymore. We needed a more robust foundation in order to grow. To give faith to the team that after years of growth – we can do even much more”.


Working with Bunchmark

Like many startups on the verge of (international) scaling, the discussions with potential investors triggers the search for professional people expertise. “I spoke to several HR consultancy firms and that made me sceptical about HR consultants. To me, a lot is vague blabla talk. My first meeting with Bunchmark turned that around. They convinced me that they deliver concrete and tangible results. Discussions with Bunchmark were factual and straightforward – the basis for a strong delivery.”

So in the last months of 2020 Wizenoze took important steps in professionalizing their people fundamentals. With the development of a tailor-made job matrix, a salary house and a benchmark on salaries, Bunchmark supported Wizenoze in bringing internal consistency.

“Bunchmark showed us that there is no one size fits all solution. They have guided us with setting ground rules, and by delivering the framework for our job house. But in sessions with Marja en Irene we aligned it to our specific Wizenoze situation. Resulting in a fit for purpose job matrix. They really overperformed on their initial promises and also our investors were happy with the results”.


The A++ team

For Wizenoze, last year’s theme was ‘building the framework to grow’ , this year it is all about hypergrowth. And Diane and Parvinder do realise that this brings new challenging people issues. Aligning the team, providing a clear perspective on how to reach growth targets and allowing a focus on both purpose and profit.

“In December we actualized our Wizenoze values. We experienced that talking about values, supported us in many ways. For both the current team and in our hiring decisions. We are all set to establish our A++ team”

Diane and Parvinder are ready for their next phase. We wish them all the luck in scaling further and impacting learning throughout the world!

We will follow their journey with curiosity.